Book: The Horse Nation, Revival of the Past

Book: The Horse Nation, Revival of the Past

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Written by Lawney L. Reyes and Therese Kennedy Johns. 

In the early 17th Century, when horses were first introduced to Northwest America, young Indian men took pleasure in finding ways to compete with one another. It was then that Indian Relay Racing was born. When Indian tribes lost their homelands and were forced to live on reservations the interest in horse racing waned.
Later, the Suicide Races of the Omak Stampede in Washingon state appeared and became world famous. These races were preceded decades earlier above the mountains of the Sanpoil River on the Colville Reservation. They were known to be even more treacherous and difficult than those that came later.
Today, these races have opened new avenues for the young of many Indian tribes in Northwest America. There are even some who live on remote and at one time considered poverty-stricken reservations. Now there is hope for better days and ways.

  • 6" x 9" soft cover
  • 161 pages
  • Signed edition

 All proceeds go towards the United Indians' programs and services which support the urban Native community.