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Harlan Kingfisher is a husband, a dad of 4 and First Nations Cree hockey player from Sturgeon Lake Saskatchewan. Here is his outlook on the joining the sport and a business enterprise:

"First Nations hockey in Canada isn’t just a sport it’s a cultural celebration. Nothing beats a game where the stands are packed with fans cheering for their home Rez, pow wow playing on the speakers before plays, bannock and stew being served at the concession, sweetgrass getting lit and smudging the sticks before a big game. Hockey is good medicine and that’s where I got the idea for Smudge the Blades apparel.

I want to celebrate First Nations hockey and be able to bring laughter and pride when wearing your Smudge the Blades gear. It’s also my dream to be able to give back to the First Nation hockey community so that it can have the same positive impact on other Native kids that it had on me. A portion of the proceeds will be given back to help First Nation youth across Canada purchase new hockey equipment so they can have a chance to Smudge, Snipe and Celly."

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