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"Aiy-yue-kwee' Nek ‘new Charity Moore, Crescent City Keech ook’. Mettah mey’-wo’me-chook’

(“Hello, my name is Charity Moore. I live in Crescent City and I come from the Mettah Village. “)

I was born and raised in Northern California, amongst the redwood trees and alongside the pristine rivers. In a small coastal town just below the boarder of Oregon. I am an enrolled Yurok Tribal Member and I love to work with abalone and dentalium shells among other crafts. I also enjoy gathering basket materials and foraging traditional foods such as acorns, smelt, salmon, seaweed, and teas. The jewelry, baskets, and art that I create are influenced by my culture. I also take great pride in making regalia for my children in hopes to see them one day dance in them when they come of age."

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