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Collection: Roin Morigeau

Roin Morigeau is an interdisciplinary artist creating contemporary hand-sewn beadwork. As a second generation urban native, Roin spent their childhood making the drive over to the Mission mountains through the bison range to the Flathead Reservation to spend time with their matriarch, Alma Luedtke. Alma was the eldest member of the tribe when she passed and amidst the piles of costume jewelry, Roin found one small local agate wrapped in a simple peyote stitch. As a means of continuing the connection with their elders, Roin began beading in 2019. Roin is a descendant of the Flathead Salish tribe of Montana and lives in occupied Spokane territories where they were raised.

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  • ˀməˀlˀməˀlté (Quaking Aspen) Earrings by Roin Morigeau (Flathead Salish)
    White beaded earrings against a piece of bark and white background
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