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"We are Lakota & Dakota from Ocheti Sakowin Tha Makhoche (Homelands of the Seven Council Fires, commonly known as the Great Sioux Nation). We have six children & one takoza. In 2017, we began our journey of creating soaps & other herbal products from our Lakota and Dakota traditional plant knowledge & our Lakota belief that everything we touch carries our spiritual medicine.

All of our products are made with Love & Good Medicine, Good intentions & Good Prayers for those who will use them. We use ingredients that are organic & harvested from our homelands, & fair trade organic products from other parts of the world. We create a practical avenue for families towards a more respectful and reciprocal relationship with the Grandmother earth."

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  • Haipazaza Soap & Shampoo Bar
    Haipazaza Soap & Shampoo Bar
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