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California Native Glass is a mother/daughter artist team that makes fused glass inspired by their Northern California tribe's basket designs and the animals in their environment. Pauli Carroll is a Yurok tribal member, along with Hupa and Cherokee descent, born and raised in Northern California in and around Eureka. She has been making art for as long as she can remember but started working with fused glass about five years ago. She brings a lot of jewelry making and stonework skills to her glass and strives to honor her ancestor’s basket designs in this medium.
Carina King is Pauli’s daughter born near Eureka but raised in Santa Cruz, California. She has also been making art since childhood but has focused on fused glass in the last three years. She combines her engineering background with glass techniques for unique meldings of old and new designs. California Native Glass is a fusion of these two artists and their distinctive skills. Pauli and Carina blend their Native American heritage into a beautiful and usable medium as their ancestor’s did with their baskets.
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