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DENISE EMERSON - Ballard Art Walk February 2023

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Denise is an enrolled Twana (Skokomish) Tribal Member.

My Mother, Bertha Allen  (Skokomish) and my Father, Danny Emerson (Navajo) met while attending the Chemawa Indian Boarding School. After graduation they married; had 5 children, of which I am the eldest; and, raised their family in Seattle.

My Father oil painted and sketched while my mother beaded and sewed during her free time. I wanted to be like them, and I believe I inherited both of my parents; artistic talents and skills.

Later, my sketch book went with me everywhere including while visiting my Aunt on the Skokomish reservation.  I sketched during the drive to and from the reservation, and whenever my creative energy pushed me.

During my teenage years I began painting with acrylics, beading, and sewing with my own  designs, and overall, working to expand my artistic experience.  

I studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM and earned a BFA in Graphic Design at the UW to bring design training in my work and now every day is a new opportunity to be an authentic cultural practitioner.